MYOBapi sample: App of Awesome

App Of Awesome

App Of Awesome is an MYOBapi sample app showcasing oAuth flow

This app is very basic and has been created to allow developers to step through the oauth flow that a user will experience when they connect an application or integration solution with the MYOBapi for AccountRight Live in the cloud.

To get started

To get started a user is encouraged to connect an application with AccountRight Live. On the right you'll see a 'connect now' button, click this and you'll be taken to our my.myob login page to grant permission for App of Awesome to access your company file.

The URL you will be taken too is:[YOUR API KEY]&redirect_uri=[URL_ENCODED_REDIRECT_URI]&response_type=code&scope=CompanyFile

Click here to read our Authentication Documentation

AccountRight Live

Connect App Of Awesome to your MYOB AccountRight Live company file to test it now

Connect Now